Cumberland United Womens Soccer 24


The FFA (Football Federation of Australia) launched MiniRoos in 2014. MiniRoos is for players aged 11 years old and younger, and sees these players playing modified rules (such as no offside), with a smaller number of players, on smaller grounds.

At CUWFC, we understand, the youngest players develop rapidly and, as such, we must teach good habits from the start. Our Football Charter gives us the blueprint and principles required to develop our young players. The youngest players develop rapidly and as such we must teach them very well.

Our Director of Football Development, Steve Maxwell (Maxi), is also the Director of PROMAX Coaching (as well as a FFSA Hall of Fame Inductee and former Socceroo). Maxi oversees the development of not only our players, but more importantly, our coaches. His help in extending and assisting our coaches ensures our young players develop into balanced well rounded players.

With a philosophy of growing and developing our own talent this area of the club has grown rapidly through community clinics and interaction working with local schools and associations promoting PROMAX Coaching methodology and promoting the FFA National Curriculum.  

Parents who show an interest in coaching and becoming more involved are encouraged and supported using the Promax Coaching curriculum as they develop into confident experienced coaches.  We afford them access to the FFA coaching courses to further their development.

The MiniRoos Community at CUWFC strives to be a very supportive family oriented team, where new families can always feel welcome. 

We have only one rule if you want to join the club, be nice.  We can teach players to play soccer but we are more interested in developing girls into young ladies, teaching them respect, commitment, teamwork, persistence, tolerance, integrity and all things honorable.  That will be our lasting influence on young lives.